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UL-AU Mark - Third-Party Product Certification

UL-AU Mark certification helps resolve product conformity gaps by independently applying the components of third-party product certification identified by international Standard ISO/IEC 17067 and is tailored to local prescribed requirements and Standards.

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Satisfying local regulation and safety goals

Expectations for product conformity

Product conformity is the foundation for achieving compliance with regulations and achieving safety goals globally.

Consumers and product procurers have extensive choices when it comes to product selection.  Product manufacturers can operate complex and fluid supply chains and apply varying approaches to production management.

Satisfying regulatory requirements and safety goals also include choices regarding product conformity throughout the building lifecycle.

  • Make trusted and informed choices to satisfy local regulation and safety goals
  • Access product conformity information transparently from an accredited independent third-party
  • Restore confidence beyond single point in time testing with certification that considers the ongoing production lifecycle

Not all options are equal

Local regulations and building codes can accept multiple options to demonstrate product conformity.  Whilst these might look the same, they are not all equal or equivalent.

  • Test reports represent point-in-time evaluation unable to account for changes in the supply chain or production.
  • Opinions or judgements by individual experts are subjective and inconsistent.
  • Acceptance of existing data or other forms of unqualified evidence that don’t include independent review increases risk exposure.
  • Evaluation and listing schemes without active and ongoing production surveillance don’t consider current and ongoing production.

Authorities, practitioners and product procurers with a more discerning need for trust demand product conformity solutions that address these shortcomings, particularly for high-risk life safety products.

Beyond testing – components of third-party product certification

UL-AU Mark certification resolves product conformity gaps by independently applying the components of third-party product certification identified by international Standard ISO/IEC 17067 and is tailored to local prescribed requirements and Standards.

UL-AU Mark certified products are complemented by product certificates nominating conformity details and listing on UL’s global online directory ProductiQTM .  

The UL-AU Smart Mark applied to certified product provides a transparent digital path between physical product and conformity information to support ready decision making by all stakeholders.

  • Testing is part of a more thorough certification process
  • Independent review and certification decision considers factory auditing
  • Unique product mark links physical product digitally to online certified product directory and conformity details
  • Ongoing production surveillance is undertaken to maintain certification status


Third-party product certification from a JAS-ANZ accredited certification body is the leading approach to satisfy the evidence of suitability requirements of Australian and New Zealand Building Codes.

The UL-AU Mark Certification Scheme delivers independent third-party product certification empowering trust and restoring confidence in product selection.

UL Solutions is independently accredited by JAS-ANZ1 to deliver the UL-AU Mark.

Questions you should ask

To be confident about product selection and satisfy regulatory and safety goals, conformity information is critical.  Mitigate non-conformity risks and ask the following questions:

  1. Is the product certified by a third-party independent of the provider and user interests?
  2. Is the third-party product certifier independently accredited by JAS-ANZ to deliver certification to local Standards?
  3. Is the certified product complemented by a certificate and associated product markings and listed on an online public directory confirming certification status?
  4. To achieve and maintain third-party product certification, are test samples selected independently, are initial factory audits undertaken and is ongoing production surveillance satisfied?
  5. How can you be confident the product delivered to site will be fit for purpose and meet conformity expectations?

Question the appropriateness of traditional approaches and default design or specification documentation that don’t champion third-party product certification from a JAS-ANZ accredited certification body.

Further Information

For more information about how UL Solutions can help, contact us.

UL International New Zealand is the formal name of the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) accredited UL certification body.