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Chemicals and Materials

Our services support the entire chemicals and materials supply chain, from market advisory and manufacturing to safety testing and sustainability.

Global safety and compliance leader for the materials and chemicals industry

Chemicals support nearly every industry and product in the world and are used in manufacturing processes in every industry. The food we eat, the products we use each and even the air we breathe contain chemicals, which is why the safety and performance of chemicals, materials and the end-products they help create is so important. As the chemicals industry itself continues to serve countless value chains and product innovations, UL Solutions remains ready to help you protect people and the planet while strengthening trust in your brand. 

From raw materials and consumer goods to transportation and energy, UL Solutions' chemicals expertise spans the entire supply chain and covers every step of the manufacturing process. Our relationships with both upstream chemicals producers and downstream chemicals users can help you navigate growing concerns related to transparency, traceability and sustainability throughout the industry. This will help you go to market with greater confidence in the materials and solutions you offer.

Chemicals expertise at every level

Basic and Industrial Chemicals

Let UL Solutions help you mitigate risks across the supply chain while demonstrating the safety and sustainability of your basic and industrial chemical products.

Plastics and Engineered Materials

Demonstrate the safety, performance and sustainability of your plastics and engineered materials with UL Solutions' testing, certification, verification and advisory services.

Specialty and Fine Chemicals

Our services help manufacturers of specialty and fine chemicals innovate, comply with regulatory requirements, meet retailer specifications and ensure market readiness.

Chemicals performance and quality challenges 

The chemicals industry continues to navigate a lack of sound sustainability strategies and consensus safety standards surrounding heavily formulated consumer goods. Though efforts are being made to standardize chemical regulations under the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), this environment often places the industry in a reactionary position. As a credible third party with global expertise throughout the chemicals and materials industry, we can help manufactures achieve safety and performance expectations across global markets.

With services such as preselection testing and certification for plastics, evaluation of specialty and fine chemicals against the needs of the intended application and the predictive analysis of raw chemicals to make chemical toxicological assessments more efficient, our scientific expertise helps you address quality and performance standards early in the development process.

Global laboratories for chemicals testing and certification

With state-of-the-art testing laboratories around the world, our team of experts are ready to help you navigate unique market needs and earn the required certifications for your products. We work to help shape regulations in the industry and keep pace with changes and new requirements. Our lab capabilities also allow us to help you address customer specific requirements, so you can demonstrate reliability to your customers and feel confident that your products meet expectations.

Chemical management software

We offer hazard communication and compliance software that helps your team manage Environmental Health and Safety initiatives while mitigating the risks of noncompliance and the fines associated with environmental incidents. As companies dedicate an increasing amount of resources to improve sustainability efforts, our experience with the global chemical supply chain can help these efforts take shape and remain on track while expanding the marketability of your products.

Our global network of scientists, consultants and regulatory experts help you build internal compliance programs with our scalable software solutions. We can work with your business and budget to configure a flexible solution that will seamlessly integrated with other business systems you may already have.

Chemicals supply chain transparency and traceability

A supply chain is only successful if every part of that chain operates with integrity, meaning a high-quality product relies on that same high quality from upstream partners. However, an increase in counterfeit chemicals and materials is flowing into global supply chains and ultimately ending up in end-products.

When these products fail to meet regulations, consumer expectation or both, companies face damage to their reputation, potential fines and lost sales.

Our digital capabilities for chemicals supply chain transparency and traceability help suppliers build trust with OEMs. In turn, these services enable downstream manufacturers of everything from fragrances, adhesives, inks, resins, polymers and more to focus on innovating in their industries.

At UL Solutions, we know we have an important role to play in addressing these complex needs. Our breadth and depth of knowledge across the chemicals and materials industries and the industries they serve allows us to provide comprehensive chemical testing, certification services and digital management solutions that encourage chemical supply chain compliance.