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UL Solutions helps financial services technology providers and device manufacturers manage security risks, differentiate their solutions and develop more secure products quicker to allow them to get to market faster.

Addressing the speed of financial technology

The dynamic, fast-paced Financial Technology (FinTech) industry is revolutionizing the way people pay for goods and services worldwide. However, this rapid innovation also comes with substantial risk as providers’ software and hardware offerings interface more closely with banking and personal credit information. UL Solutions helps connect the dots with robust end-to-end or chip-to-cloud vulnerability testing.

We perform specific cybersecurity evaluations measuring terminal security, mobile security and overall interoperability to help FinTech companies innovate faster. We provide access to approval laboratories, and offer a variety of software platforms and tools in addition to our advisory services. Our supply chain management team can also help provide guidance on component sourcing.FinTech infographic illustrating security challenges within the FinTech sector

FinTech and related payment securities

Whether you're a FinTech company or the consumer on the opposite end, the core of our care is directed at conducting thorough and efficient security evaluations, testing to all applicable and mandatory standards to help support your device's protection. We want to help build a safe and effective future for FinTech products, working toward payment technology that is reliable, resolved, simple, updated, tested and compliant. 

That said, to help you address your payment security security needs, our related payment security and technology capabilities include: 

Acquiring bank payment security: Acquiring banks and payment processors rely on UL Solutions to help them grow merchant accounts and transaction volumes, keep pace with new payment technologies and reduce technical and regulatory complexity.

Terminal payment security: We help to provide solutions that help bring interoperable, reliable and secure devices into the market.

Mobile payment security: We possess expert guidance and testing solutions for applications, mobile devices, SIM/UICC, eSIM and subscription managers in the M2M, IoT and consumer domains.

Brand and scheme payment security: We help the payments industry mitigate risk, meet requirements and achieve current business goals, while helping you future-proof by strategically leveraging emerging technologies and industry trends.

Card manufacturer payment security: We help card manufacturers to navigate security and compliance challenges. We provide implementation planning, testing and certification services across multiple phases of your product development.

IoT device security: We empower trust in the marketplace by helping improve the security of IoT devices and systems through our full suite of cybersecurity solutions.

Merchant payment security: Our security solutions for merchant payments are essential for retailers who are building and expanding payments acceptance to provide a seamless shopping experience.


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