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UL ANZ Certification

Our comprehensive services include certification of personnel, products, facilities, processes and systems to applicable standards and requirements. We can help you identify and close regulatory gaps, confirm compliance, and maintain your certifications.

ANZ Regulatory Regimes

Each Australian State and Territory, and New Zealand have autonomous regulations for electrical product safety.

UL International New Zealand Limited has JAS-ANZ accreditation and operates with recognition as a Recognised External Certification Scheme (RECS) according to the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS), and as a Recognised External Approval Scheme (REAS) according to the New South Wales Office of Fair Trading.

Our aim is to facilitate certification that enables our customers to sell their product in any Australian state and territory or in New Zealand with confidence that they are meeting the applicable regulatory obligations.

ANZ Certification

Our dedicated team delivers a timely and simple certification process without compromising safety or compliance. Our clients assign high value to consumer confidence, brand reputation and protection.


UL Solutions has a global focus on independence and our ANZ Certification Office is independent from laboratory testing activities, being funded by fees charged for certification services.

Product Surveillance

Products covered by the ANZ Certification Scheme are not subject to ongoing production surveillance.

For additional information on our certification services, please visit the Certification page on

Information required for ANZ Certification

  • Signed application form.
  • User manual/instructions for use (if not included in the test report).
  • External and internal colour photographs and technical drawings that enable proper identification of the product and any key design features, or a sample of the product.
  • EITHER a test report from an IANZ, NATA or MRA accredited partner laboratory (test report must bear the accreditation body’s endorsement) to the appropriate standard(s) covering the product to be certified.
  • OR A CB test report and certificate issued by an IECEE CB Scheme National Certification Body (NCB) where testing to an IEC or equivalent standard is covered by the CB Testing Laboratory’s (CBTLs) recognised scope and AS/NZS differences are included. Accreditation to AS/NZS 3112 is essential for assessment of integral plug portions (separate test report may be required). Note: RMT / CTF4 reports are not accepted.

Physical samples are generally not required but may be requested during the certification review process if documentation is not sufficient.

The certification process commences when all the required information has been received and the certification fee has been paid (unless prior credit arrangements have been agreed).