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Diversify Your Product Range to Remain Competitive

Key cable types that can be accurately designed and manufactured using CableBuilder and CableMES.

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CableBuilder and CableMES can help wire and cable manufacturers manage the complex procedure of design and manufacture for all cable types. Key cable types are explained, and the insights enable manufacturers to identify opportunities to diversify their product portfolios.   

CableBuilder and CableMES software programs help enable wire and cable manufacturers to control the design, costing, quotation, quality, and manufacturing processes for a variety of cable types.

CableBuilder helps design engineers design cables and create technical drawings and datasheets at speed, helping the sales teams to quote the customer more quickly and accurately.

Once an order is received, CableMES will then instruct operators on what they need to make, when they need to make it and how to make it. It will also collect all the progress and quality measurements without handling a mountain of paper trail.

CableBuilder and CableMES offer fully-controlled environments that embrace all cable-type requirements and production scenarios.

Below are examples of cable types and their prerequisites that can be efficiently managed and controlled with CableBuilder and CableMES. In reality there is no limit to the cable types that can be designed.

Example of cable type Prerequisites
Energy cables The energy cable market is diverse but well-structured in terms of design specifications. All energy cable designs, such as low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV), high voltage (HV), extra high voltage (EHV), and overhead lines (OHL), must adhere to international and national standards such as IEC, BS, UL, French, etc.
Communication cables Communication cables vary from simple Cat 5/Cat 6 cables, LAN, telephone and ethernet to specialized antenna coaxial cables. A characteristic of the communication market is innovation in the design of the cable as well as the continuous introduction of new processes and materials.
Manufacturers often have to balance the performance of the cable with environmental and application limiting factors to get the most cost-effective design. The design of communication cables is highly influenced by process engineering and the manufacturer’s equipment.
Industrial cable Industrial cables cover instrumentation and control cables. The production of industrial cables is characterized by using many similar cores or pairs in the cable with varied coverings, colors and sizes. Stock levels must be maintained at adequate levels to maximize reactivity and minimize inventory costs. It is also essential to maintain traceability and quality control of production.
Fiber optic cable The challenge of designing and making fiber optic, tight buffer, and loose tube cables is managing the optical and physical performance. 
Optical cables have diverse forms and applications, including OPGW, loose tubes, duct cables, ribbon cables, etc. Manufacturers obtain a competitive advantage as they do when manufacturing other communication cables through product and process innovation. Innovation management must be strictly controlled, and its benefits maximized to improve new and existing product designs.
Submarine cable The application for offshore cables is diverse, ranging from submarine and shipboard cables to power cables for wind farms and umbilical cables. They all share standard requirements in that they are all expected to perform safely in challenging environments.
Manufacturers benefit from having the capability to create designs that include variations of design along their length and the ability to allow engineers to construct a cross-section of the cable that meets the customers’ diverse requirements.
Special cable Special cables demand a high level of flexibility in manufacturing. Design engineers must thoroughly understand their factory's process capabilities and what operators need to know to create the cable to the design accurately.

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