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Regulatory Changes for Electrical Products in New Zealand

WorkSafe NZ issued a series of NZ Gazette notices in August 2022 introducing additional requirements for electrical products classified as “Declared High-Risk Articles.”

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October 21, 2022

These new requirements impact the recognition of Australian approval certificates for products sold in New Zealand, with key points including: 

  • Product evaluation must include evaluation to all pertinent requirements at the nominal supply voltage for New Zealand (230 V or 400 V as applicable). 
  • Test reports used in support of certification must be less than five years old at the time of certification. 
  • Certificates and test reports must unambiguously identify the product to which they apply, including product markings and rating details. 
  • Products must be marked with the certificate or approval number. 
  • For a range or family of products of the same general design and construction, evaluation must verify compliance for each member of the group or range of products. 
  • For a range or family of products of the same general design and construction, each certificate must only refer to products sourced from a single manufacturer. 
  • In the case of a residual current device, the type must be identified, and compliance with the limits specified in AS/NZS 3190:2011 must be verified. 
  • Where EESS product registration is required, the New Zealand manufacturer or importer must be identified in the EESS Registration Database and must be either a legal person normally residing in New Zealand or a New Zealand registered company with at least one director permanently and physically residing in New Zealand. 
  • The New Zealand manufacturer or importer must be able to supply WorkSafe NZ with a copy of the EESS equipment registration, certificate(s) and all related compliance documentation (including test reports) within 10 days of submitting a request. 

UL Solutions remains committed to providing a certification service that enables our customers to meet the market requirements for both Australia and New Zealand with confidence and, as such, will continue to strive to ensure that our certificates meet WorkSafe NZ expectations.   

Where a range or family of products of the same general design and construction require evaluation, our technical experts will continue to work with customers to develop a test plan that provides the necessary level of evidence in support of certification.  

Some areas of uncertainty have been raised around these requirements, with WorkSafe NZ yet to provide any formal clarification in addition to the published NZ Gazette notices.  

UL Solutions remains in close dialogue with WorkSafe NZ, and we note that in the past, WorkSafe NZ has taken an education-first approach when new significant regulatory changes are introduced.  

For further discussion on these changes and how they will impact products sold in New Zealand, please contact us.


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